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Monday, 12 September 2011

Saying Goodbye to Chihiro Irisawa

After two years of real collaborative work with the JJETAA and the Embassy of Japan (Jamaica) the Cultural Officer (Chiro Irisawa) said goodbye to friends of Jamaica JET Alumni Association. During this time Jamaica host the JETAAi International Conference in Kingston, Jamaica and made strides in connecting with Japanese interests in Jamaica. Her calm yet confident approach to problem solving is outstanding. We shared many good times at meetings and school visits sharing about Jamaica and Japan in respective spheres.

She was great at networking and displayed great vision and was willing to stand by her words. As she goes back to Japan we wish her all the best in her future activities and hope that we continue to share ideas common to both islands.

As we await her successor, members of the alumni continue to carry out various activities this year including a tree planting ceremony in October as well as practical Japanese cooking lessons at a high school in Kingston.

Looking forward to these exciting events and the cooperation of all the available alumni.

Jamaica JETAA

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

1000 Cranes for Hope and Prosperity

Hi everyone,

Just a note to inform you that JJETAA has delivered the 1000 cranes to Ambassador Yamaguchi at the Embassy of Japan, Jamaica. The project which was a brainchild of Maria Robinson was well done. The students from Convent of Mercy Alpha, who participated showed enthusiasm and love for the project. 

The promise to give the cranes was made at the AGM on March 26, 2011and we delivered on it. Congratulations to all members who helped in mobilising members, making cranes and share their love for the people of Japan. It was a great gesture and was well appreciated by the Ambassador and his staff. Two special sets of cranes: one in the Jamaican colours and the other like the Japanese Flag were the star of the afternoon and the ambassador gave them prominence in the lobby.

The Ambassador thank all those who helped in the project and encouraged Jamaicans to observe the process that Japan will be using to overcome the devastation which hit them in March of 2011. He said it is instructive that the Jamaican people who face similar natural disasters must pay attention to how other countries deal with reconstruction and development.

Those present for the event were 11 students from Alpha, Maria, Shawn, Megan and Chihiro. The presentation lasted about 15 minutes. The students had a blast and say they were happy to be there and will now take a new look at Japan.

Shawn Aarons

Friday, 22 April 2011

Recovery Japan

Hi All,

Its really great to collaborate with the Japanese residents in Jamaica at the launch of the Recovery Japan Foundation.  The launch took place at the Courtleigh Auditorium on Wednesday, April 20, 2011. Members of the JETAA volunteered to make sure the evening went smoothly.
JETAA rep working out logistics

Big thank you to Lee-Ann, Ayesha, Sheril, Sauna, Shawn from JJETAA and Richard from the Mombusho Scholars who worked in with the Japanese to make the evening a success.

Sheril, Sawada (from Cocoro) and Ayesha
We hope to continue our connection with the Japanese in meaningful ways as both islands deal with the challenges of mother nature.
Empress & Shawn after working the stage

Sunday, 17 April 2011

JJETAA Going Cyberspace

Hi All,

In an effort to share information with our members we have created a blog which will have archived documents from the Associations' meetings and activities.

Looking forward to share wiht Jamaican JETs from all over the world.

Shawn Aarons